Passion for photography

Since my childhood I already have a passion for photography. Long ago I bought an old wooden camera and since then I have continued to collect. Especially photo cameras that are historically important and reflect the technical evolution. Not only do I collect, but I also take photographs like they did it in the 19th century, with 19th century cameras. Part of my wooden camera collection was already exhibited at the MSK in Ghent where I also gave initiation workshops on wet plate. In the meantime I have also gained extensive knowledge in the area of camera valuations and since 2015 I am the expert in old cameras in the television program 'rijker dan je denkt'.

Years ago, I noticed that there was no specific platform in Belgium where you can buy and sell old cameras (from the initial period of photography to now). In this way, many beautiful pieces do not find the (correct) way to the buyer. Through this auction site I hope to give the buyer and seller a satisfying feeling on a sold lot. From my expertise, I will assess and value every lot as auctioneer.

"Rijker dan je denkt" op VTM